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Wedding Cakes

All of our couples will enjoy:
  -Free delivery to local area
  -Complimentary Honeymoon cake to take with you and enjoy on your first night together

UPDATE: Our extended maternity leave is coming to an end! We have begun to take orders for Sweet & Simple wedding cakes. We will NOT be doing custom designs at this time, due to the time involved. If you don't mind enjoying a simpler cake, you might find our pricing is just too good to pass up! Details below.

Sweet & Simple Wedding Cakes

What makes these different from our normal wedding cakes?

1. THERE IS NO CONSULTATION. Orders are placed via email, only. Great for busy brides!
2. There are only 5 sizes to choose from and ALL are round cakes. Simple!
3. You may choose from 4 flavors of cake and the entire cake MUST be the same flavor. We do allow 2 different filling flavors!
4. There are 4 frosting finishes to choose from: smooth iced, rough iced, rustic iced, or striped.
5. You may choose from a few small design touches to customize your cake!

Wedding cakes are on a first reserved-first served basis and once a date is filled up, it's gone! Please don't wait to contact us to reserve your date. Busier wedding dates always fill up fast.

FIRST: Choose a Cake Size

This will depend on your number of guests. Choose a cake size that is closest to your required serving count. If a stacked cake is just shy of the servings you need, you can add a cutting cake for extra servings.

NOTE: Serving count is for the entire cake. To save the top tier, subtract those 12 servings from your count.

SECOND: Pick a Frosting Finish

Choose how you want your cake iced, depending on your wedding style and/or theme.

THIRD: Choose Your Cake Flavor

If you would like to sample the 4 cake flavors, our frosting, & a variety of available fillings, you may order a To-go Tasting Box for $20. Using the form below, contact us to see if we have any available or how soon we will have one ready for you! Must be purchased prior to pick-up, via online payment.

AND LASTLY: Add Design Elements (Optional)

Simple doesn't have to mean plain! Check out some budget-friendly options that we can do to customize the cake. Alternately, if you plan to use a topper that you've purchased, simply leave it on the cake table and we will arrange it on the cake, free of charge!

About Our Cakes

All wedding cake tiers are approximately 4 inches tall and include four layers of cake with three layers of filling. Standard wedding slice size is 1x2x4. If you plan to serve larger slices, you will need to purchase extra servings. A cutting guide will accompany your wedding cake.

Delivery is free to Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. Surrounding area delivery fee is $1.50 per mile.

We are fully licensed and inspected by the state of Virginia. Many venues will only allow outside food from licensed and insured facilities. We are able to provide the required documents to venue upon request.

Ready to Order?

Our payment policy is:

1. We require a $100 Retainer Fee and digitally-signed form/contract to reserve your spot on the calendar.
2. The rest of your invoice is due 30 days prior to your event date.
3. There is NO supplies fee and nothing to return! Just toss the board and cake plates/pillars.
4. We will deliver and set-up the cake at reception site before/during your ceremony. Please make sure that the cake will be in a temperature-controlled environment. Buttercream melts!
5. All payments must be made via the invoice we will send to you. We do not accept checks at this time.

NOTE: To keep these budget-friendly, we will maintain the same prices on Sweet & Simple cakes throughout 2018. Because of this, we do not offer any further discounts on these cakes.

Please use the form below to contact us about a Sweet & Simple wedding cake. Messages sent directly to our email may be overlooked or end up in the spam folder. Thanks!

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