Yes, we sell retail and wholesale! Since we are a small family business, we are not capable of incredibly large retail orders at this time. However, we are usually able to fulfill most retail orders for local small businesses, either with everyday items or special holiday items.

What is the difference between retail and wholesale orders?

Retail orders are priced a bit higher, due to the packaging and labeling requirements. They come ready to price and sell. Labels are approved through VDACS. We package the items for resell ourselves, labeling according to state regulations for small businesses. Our information and name will always be on the labels, per state law, as well as ingredient and allergen info. Examples of labeling:

Cocoa Bombs Retail PackagingCookie Retail Packaging

Wholesale is when we sell the items to you without individual packaging or labeling of any kind. This is ideal for businesses who plan to put our products in their cases to sell, serve items straight to the customers, and include our items in their baskets, bundles, etc. We can provide a list of ingredients to you upon request, in case of customer inquiries. These orders are typically priced lower as the time for packaging/labeling is omitted. 

Have any questions about retail or wholesale orders? Email us at to inquire today!