Wedding Cakes

Congratulations to all newly engaged couples! Keep reading for information about our DIY Wedding Cakes (available in our online store for easy ordering) or skip ahead for custom cake info and to sign up for our next Wedding Weekend!

DIY Wedding Cakes

Want a delicious and beautiful cake that is simple and you can decorate yourself, but also doesn't cost an arm and a leg? DIY Cakes are just for you!

We have 1-tier, 2-tier, and 3-tier cakes available in our online store for easy ordering, which can be frosted in smooth, rustic, semi-naked, and wavy rustic buttercream. Multiple sizes and flavors available!

Decorate your own cake with toppers, flowers, fruit, figurines, or anything your heart desires that is safe to touch food. Examples of some of the ways customers have decorated their own DIY Wedding Cakes are below!

3-tier cakes include optional FREE local delivery. 2-tier cakes may be picked up or you can add the 'Local Delivery' listing to your cart for delivery. Click here to find the DIY Wedding Cakes in our online store.

2-tier Semi-naked Iced Wedding Cake2-tier Rustic Iced Wedding Cake2-tier Rustic Iced Wedding Cake & Cupcakes2-tier Rustic Iced Wedding Cake



Custom Wedding Cakes

We are excited to offer custom wedding cakes again, for 2023 weddings! Due to some lingering apprehension about in-person consultations, we are offering the option of an in-person consult, video consult (via Google Meet), or you may forego the consultation and just do a To-Go Tasting Box to sample at home and then handle cake details over email. More on each option and to schedule/reserve a consultation or Tasting Box, below.

Please Note: We only currently offer tastings/samples during our Wedding Weekends, due to our busy schedule. If you would like to sample our flavors at another time, you would have to purchase cupcakes or a small cake from us and those are limited to 1 flavor per dozen/cake. Please take advantage of our Wedding Weekends, when possible, to sample almost all of the flavors we offer!

Upcoming Wedding Weekend Dates: February 4th & 5th and April 1st & 2nd

In-Person Consultations & Tastings: Consultation and tasting will be held in the office here at our home bakery, for up to 3 people total (that's all the chairs we have!). Cost of the tasting is $20, paid when you schedule. At the consultation, you will receive 1 tray with 8 slices/flavors of cake to share. We will go over your wedding and cake details and the contract. You will leave with a quote and copy of the contract to take home to consider. There is no pressure to book at the consultation. To schedule a consultation, please choose from one of the available Wedding Weekend dates and times in the listing here

Video Consultations & Tastings: If you are unable to come to an in-person consultation but don't feel comfortable booking your cake through email alone, we can opt for a video consult via Google Meet. If you do not require a tasting, you may email us at any time to schedule a video consult. If you would like to enjoy a Tasting Box ($20, includes 8 slices/flavors of cake) prior to your consult, you may purchase one for pick-up on one of the Wedding Weekend dates, then email us afterward to schedule a video consultation for a later date (we may be able to fit you in during the Wedding Weekend or sometime after, whatever works for your schedule). To reserve a To-Go Tasting Box for pick-up during one of our Wedding Weekends, please click here.

To-Go Tastings (Interactive) & Email Booking: If you are unable to come to an in-person consultation and prefer to book your cake through email, we can do a To-Go Tasting Box for you. Our Tasting Boxes are interactive, meaning we provide a paper with instructions for your tasting that will walk you through the flavors and other important information we would normally go over in a consultation, so you won't miss anything! You or someone you designate will read the paper and guide you through your tasting. It will include information about our services, cake contract, and the next steps to take. Then after your tasting is finished and you are ready for your no-pressure cake quote or would prefer to schedule a video consultation for more clarification, just send us an email and we'll take it from there. To reserve a To-Go Tasting Box for pick-up on one of the Wedding Weekend dates, please click here.

Click here to reserve a Wedding Weekend consultation!

Click here to reserve a To-Go Tasting Box!


General Wedding Cake Information:

The cake is a focal point of your reception and something all of your guests will be eager to sample. In fact, the cake is often the last thing your guests will partake in before they leave your wedding. So you want to send them off with the best memories of your special day. What better way to end the evening than with a slice of tasty wedding cake!

Whether you are planning an elegant affair or a fun themed event, we're the one-stop shop for wedding cakes, groom's cakes, reception desserts, & wedding cookies.

What sets us apart from other bakeries?

  - Our Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a crowd-pleaser! It's silky smooth and isn't overly sweet, like some other buttercreams.
  - Free delivery to local area (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth) and low delivery rates for more distant events.
  - Complimentary Honeymoon cake to take with you and enjoy on your first night together!
  - Optional fabric-covered cake boards, which add a sophisticated touch.
  - Versatile in buttercream! We specialize in buttercream designs.
  - All tiers include 4 layers of cake and three layers of filling. Yummy!
  - We offer a 10% Military Discount to active duty and dependents
  - And finally, we only take 3 wedding orders each week, so your cake will get the attention it deserves!

What is our process?

For weddings with UNDER 100 guests, your order will be handled via email. Due to our full schedule, we cannot hold consultations for smaller cakes. You will still receive a honeymoon cake and free local delivery, if your cake is at least 50 servings. You may also reserve and pick up a To-Go Tasting Box ($20) during our Wedding Weekends to sample our flavors, then email us after for a quote.

For weddings with OVER 100 guests, please reserve a date and time for an in-person consultation and tasting or purchase a To-Go Tasting Box ($20) to pick up during our Wedding Weekends to sample our flavors. You cannot choose your flavors, however, we offer a large variety of flavors, some of which you probably wouldn't have even thought to request!

At your in-person or video consultation, we will discuss your dream cake and go over the wedding contract so we can address any questions or concerns in person/video. You will receive a cake quote to take with you to compare to other bakers. There is no pressure to book the cake at your consultation. Quotes do not expire unless our overall prices increase, however, all wedding spots at Storybook Bakery are first-reserved/first-served.

What will it cost?

Our custom wedding cakes are priced per serving, starting at $4/serving for buttercream covered cakes and starting at $5/serving for fondant covered cakes. Piping, multi-colors, flower arrangement, and other additional elements may increase the price per serving. Gumpaste flowers are an additional cost, priced separately. (If you have a smaller budget, please check out our DIY Wedding Cakes, available in our online store. Available in 1, 2, & 3 tiers!)

You will have the option of choosing a regular cake drum or a fabric-covered board ($20 charge) for your cake. All 2-tier and 3-tier cakes may use disposable boards. 4-tier and larger will require a heavy-duty cake board. There is a $50 Supplies Deposit for heavy-duty boards, which is refundable if cake board is returned within 5 days of event.


Our payment policy:

1. We require a $100 Retainer Fee and signed contract to reserve your spot on the calendar.
2. The rest of your invoice is due 30 days prior to your event date.
3. All cakes that use a heavy-duty cake board require a $50 supplies deposit, refunded upon return of cake board within 5 days of event.
4. We will deliver and set-up the cake at reception site before/during your ceremony. Please make sure that the cake will be in a temperature-controlled environment. Buttercream melts!
5. Payments can easily be made via the invoice we will send to you. We do accept checks during wedding consultations. Checks mailed or dropped off for final payment must be received on/before the due date. After due date, only credit/debit will be accepted.


See Our Wedding Cake Gallery

Quick tips for planning your cake!

  • We recommend buying enough cake for at least 80% of your guest count. 
  • If you know your guests have a big sweet tooth, order extra servings.
  • Buttercream melts! Plan to display cake indoors, when possible.
  • For outdoor receptions in warm/summer weather, a shaded area is required. You do NOT want to see what happens to a cake when it sits in the hot sun. *shudder*
  • Planning to have a family member cut the cake? All cakes will include a step-by-step cutting guide to help you get the required number of servings. It even has pictures!
  • Want to use a topper? We will arrange it for free, as long as it is on the cake table when we arrive and it is listed on the order form.
  • What kind of flowers can be used on the cake? All kinds! We've placed silk, fresh, and sugar flowers on cakes of all sizes. Just be sure to arrange with your florist to leave the flowers on/by the cake table on event day. 
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