Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

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Perfect for any occasion! Mini Cupcakes are bite-sized and great for children and dessert tables. Variety of flavors and designs available.

NOTE: Some flavors will already have colored frosting. For example, Evil Step-Mocha has mocha buttercream (brown). Cream Cheese frosting and Cookies N Cream frosting may not be suitable for some designs. Message for details.

Designs available, shown in photos:

  • Star Swirl (Regular Swirl)
  • Rose Swirl
  • Ruffle Swirl
  • Sprinkles
  • Mini Flowers

Choose 2 colors and we will do half in each color!

Cupcakes are $20 for the first dozen. After that, cupcakes in the same flavor/design are at a reduced rate of $15/dozen!

Cupcakes should be ordered at least 5 days prior to your desired pick-up date. Please choose your pick-up date during checkout. We will contact you shortly after order is placed to confirm pick-up details and time. 

NOTE: Cakes not included but available in separate listings.

Fairytale Flavor Combinations

(Cake & Frosting - Some flavors will limit colors available)

Note: As of July 2022, the Dark Queen flavor combination will now include Chocolate Fudge Frosting, instead of Chocolate Buttercream. This new and delicious frosting is the perfect filling for our Dark Queen flavor combo. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

Goldilocks - Butter Vanilla Cake & Vanilla Buttercream

White Witch - Butter Almond Cake & Almond Buttercream

Little Red Velvet Hood - Red Velvet Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting

Dark Queen - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Fairy-berry - Butter Vanilla Cake & Fresh Strawberry Buttercream (no seeds!)

Pixie Dust - Rainbow Confetti Vanilla Cake & Vanilla Buttercream

Good vs. Evil - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Vanilla Buttercream

Yellow Brick Road - Lemon Cake & Lemon Buttercream

Lemon-berry Godmother - Lemon Cake & Raspberry Buttercream

Dreamland - Orange Cake & Vanilla Buttercream

Banana Bo Peep - Banana Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting

Big Bad Wolf - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Cookies-N-Cream Buttercream

Evil Step-Mocha - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Mocha Buttercream

Princess & the Peanutbuttercream - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Peanutbuttercream

Peppermint Patty-cake - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Mint Buttercream

Sea Witch - Chocolate Fudge Cake & Salted Caramel Buttercream

Bubbly Boppity Boo - Pink Champagne Cake & White Chocolate Buttercream