Online Store FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about our Online Store products, shipping, and processing. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to use the chat feature or Contact Us form.

For cake related questions, click here for the Cake FAQ.


About Our Products

Do you really make everything from scratch?

You bet. We are a from-scratch bakery and proud of it. That means we make all dough, batter, frostings, krispie treats, fudges, candies, etc. from scratch with tried-and-true recipes. No, we don't mill our own flour or convert cocoa beans to chocolate. We do need to sleep at night. But just about everything we can make from scratch, we do. Feel free to ask if you have a question about a specific product.


What flavor is your cookies?

We use a shortbread-ish vanilla cookie. The frosting is our fan-favorite citrus icing that everyone raves about. We do not currently offer other flavors because we have to make it in nearly every color of the rainbow. But don't worry--we're sure that you will love our cookies. We have many repeat customers!


What about allergies?

This is tricky because there are so many allergies and the degree of severeness of those allergies differs from person to person. In general, we do use peanuts, other tree nuts, dairy, fruits, gluten products, etc. Obviously, not every item will contain all of those ingredients, but we do keep those ingredients on the premises. Please contact us if you have a question about allergens in certain items.


Are your items Kosher?

In short, no. While most of our items may be considered kosher, we do not have the certification to proclaim any of our products to be kosher. Again, feel free to inquire about specific items, but know that we cannot label anything in our bakery to be kosher without certification. Even if it is.


Do you take custom orders?

We are accepting custom order requests. Go to our Contact Us page if you have an idea for a custom order. When possible, we prefer to receive custom order requests at least 3 weeks prior to your event date, giving us more time for planning and preparation.



Processing & Shipping

UPDATE: We are not currently shipping from our online store, however, we DO ship from our Etsy shop! Contact us there for items that need shipping:

How long will it take to receive my order?

It will take an average of 5-7 days to create your order after it is placed. Everything is made by hand and fresh for you. We are a from-scratch bakery and nothing is ever frozen. During normal processing times, your items will ship after that 5-7 days and take another 2-3 days for shipping. So on average, you should receive your order between 7-10 days after it is placed. Peak times and holidays may increase our processing time. When this happens, our home page will be updated to reflect current processing times and any delays.


If I don't need my stuff until later? Can I order early?

YES! We highly recommend placing your order early if you have a specific date you must meet, like a birthday or party date. During checkout, we ask if you 'need items for a certain date?'. There, you will use the calendar to choose a date up to 6+ months away. We will wait to make and ship your order closer to your date, for freshness. Please know that due to the nature of shipping, we cannot guarantee delivery on/before your designated date in cases of bad weather and trolls stealing your box during transit. It is rare, but it does happen.


What if something is wrong with my order? Do you give refunds?

Please let us know right away if your order is incorrect. We will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Due to the edible and perishable nature of our products, however, we do not give refunds for consumed items. If you eat it, you cannot return it. I mean, eww. That's just gross.


I received broken cookies! 

We hate this. We really do. Unfortunately, food is fragile. That's the way the cookie crumbles. No, really. And while we take care in packaging your items so they arrive safely and deliciously, minor breakage does happen on occasion. If you need a certain number of cookies, we recommend ordering extra, just in case. However, if you do have a broken cookie, you can purchase pre-made royal icing from most major department and craft stores, which can be used to 'glue' the cookie back together in a pinch.

If your order happens to arrive incredibly damaged, please contact us ASAP. This should not happen and is why we carry shipping insurance on all orders. Unfortunately, mishandling by postal staff and carriers does happen (we've all seen the videos where they toss boxes around. Yikes!). Even boxes that are accidentally dropped may cause breakage. If this occurs, take photos of the box's condition and contact us. We will refund damaged contents and file a complaint with the postal carrier. This very rarely happens, thankfully.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if your order has yet to ship. No, if your order has shipped. Items will have to be returned to the bakery, in original packaging, to qualify for full refund.


Can I make changes to my order?

We will only accept order changes within 24 hours of order being placed. That is because we likely have not started working on your items just yet. We're fast, but we're not that fast. Or robots. Nor do we contain real magic. Except for the owner, the Bakery Godmother. She might have some magic up her sleeve...


How is shipping calculated?

We ship our goodies via USPS Priority 2-3 Day mail, only. Due to the fragile nature of cookies, we find that the longer they are out in transit, the higher the chance of damage occurring to the items. Ground and First-class mail can take a week or more to arrive, therefore, we stick with Priority mail. For this reason, your shipping rate might be higher than you would normally pay for a t-shirt or other less fragile items. However, it means your treats will arrive even sooner after shipping.

Note: If you are placing a larger order (5+ items) and you believe your shipping cost is too high, send us a message with your desired list of items and we can calculate shipping for you to see if there is a discrepancy. 

Here is our shipping map, which explains the pricing zones. We are located in Virginia, so Zone 1-3 (blue) will be the cheapest for shipping. Anyone in Zone 8 (red) will cost the most to ship.

shipping map